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Borbonese handbags, shoulder bags, shoulder strap bags, wallets, credit card cases, foulards, bandanas

Borbonese's brand begins its adventure in Turin in 1910 when Lucia Lorenzoni Ginestrone begins managing  a little griffe of jewels and fashion accessories. After this Borbonese maison it's been a continue work in progress untill the final consacration, in sixties, when prestigiouses brands like Fendi, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent start a cooperation with. Working with Redwal Borbonese create a bags collection using innovatives materials and technoligies, the result is a new conception of bag: light, removable lining, very smoooth and strong. In these years Borbonese projects realizes its famous OP stamp on chamois leather, the unmistakable sign of Borbonese's accessories. For tributing the moon landing Borbonese realizes "Luna" a bag that still to be a cult. Borbonese become one leader brand of made in Italy. Borbonese is always in evolution, its values of memory, tradition and respect for the moods of working of the past are constantly connected to the research, the technology, the innovation, the future!

Borbonese's  present in our shops from the first eighties and it's always been one of our business cards. Borbonese represent one of the most elegant and prestigious line that we are proud to offer you in our shops!

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