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Escentric Molecules was launched in 2006 as a challenge.Geza Schoen, perfume genius of Berlin with a long experience in the fragrance industry, wanted to create a product that had never been seen before ... His proposal was this: the simultaneous launch of two fragrances, the first a heady synthesis of different ingredients (which for the uninitiated is a concept to be more 'traditional perfume), the second a tribute to each note, the aromatic molecule. The aromatic molecule on which it rested was the original pair of perfumes Iso E Super.

To carry out his plan Schoen and 'face turned to two of his kindred spirits in London. The first 'Jeff Lounds, with whom he had already' been working on creating some perfumes pioneering, second, is the award-winning Me Company that is a graphic and he will cure the packaging.

The result Schoen wanted to achieve when he created Escentric Molecules was to focus attention to the substance of creation in an industry that often puts more emphasis on style. The irony is that in an attempt to dispel the myth Escentric Molecules has effectively created a mystique completely new for himself.

The secret of its success is ultimately this: the relationship between each of perfumes and its user is based on an effect that is not tangible, and 'alluring, sensual and individual. As a customer devoted admirer of their work and Schoen told Lounds: "This is not your scent, this is my perfume" ...

We wanted Escentric Molecules in our shop on line because we think it's a revolution in the world of fragrances and we could not be out of this big change...

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