List of products by manufacturer SIBERIAN SOUP FULLART

Scarfs and foulards by Ludmilla Radchenko.

FULLART is the result of a great passion for art and fashion.

It 's a replica Limited Edition of the works in cashmere and silk of the paints of Ludmilla.
Ludmilla Radchenko, Siberian, model, showgirl and especially great artist internationally recognized. 
Full ART is a creation made ​​entirely in Italy with the use of fine fabrics printed in Como. 
They are accessories from which it is difficult to separate due to their versatility, their comfort and the feeling of a hug that envelops you wear them.

We wanted to include the creations of Ludmilla our offers because we believe that elegance can be rewritten and the class dress in new colors...

We immediately loved the art of Ludmilla, we believe it is a way to make a splash back in time and find themselves to breath Warrol, Basquiat and listening the Velvet Underground... Colors, sounds, sights...

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